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Twin Mobile Pressure Washing Business Review


Written by sentinel_editor

Twin Mobile Pressure Washing is a service-based company specializing in industrial pressure washing and restaurant hood cleaning.  Twin Mobile serves major industrial clients like Hy-Grade Precast Concrete and Magna International, local municipalities, plus many restaurants across all of Southern Ontario.

Josef, the owner, started the business in 2008.  While he was working for a local competitor offering the same services, he saw the opportunity in this niche and felt he could run the business better himself.  So he went off and started his own pressure washing business.  He has worked hard over the years to build his business and now his son is working with him.  Together, they deliver excellent service to the Niagara region and beyond.

The toughest thing Josef went through when he first opened was trying to get new customers.  His company was brand new and nobody had heard of it.  He had no budget for advertising and relied only on word of mouth.  He had to build trust and rapport with his customers.  One way he accomplished this was by offering a sample of his services, in the form of a free cleaning.  Since his customers are businesses requiring periodic cleanings, the one-time free cleaning got him in the door and his skills secured the repeat business.

If Josef had to start over today, he wouldn’t do anything different.  More money for advertising may have helped in the beginning, but his initial strategy wouldn’t have changed.  He would have still grinded out the free samples and quality workmanship.  Nowadays, the number one way he brings in new customers is Google Ads.  His services are frequently searched on Google throughout Niagara and all of the GTA, so he sees a large volume of requests for quotations.  He might not close every lead, but at least he’s in the conversation and getting the opportunity to serve more new customers than ever before.

To the question, “If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates,” Josef answers, “He would be happy because I’m honest with my customers and everyone in my life.  I don’t cheat.”  A humble answer for a down-to-earth, hard-working man.

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