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EnerDynamic/Ghana UNOPS Solar Project Update


Written by sentinel_editor

During the company’s last trip to Ghana, they met with SHS Sustainable Housing, which has partnered with UNOPS to create 100,000 housing project in Ghana. EnerDynamic discussed the contract they have with the Ministry of Housing and their Enertec Solar Solution that they will use to benefit SHS.
Despite the UNOPS project running approximately 8 months behind schedule, because of a site issue, SHS and EHT both agreed that it would be a good time to initiate a plan for EHT to be included on the SHS project list of suppliers.  Since the return of the CEO of EHT from Ghana, the company has assembled and filed the necessary documents needed by the UNOPS program with SHS so that EHT could become an official supplier for the project. This means that they can also start to receive the final drawings needed to supply the ENERTEC Solar System.
EHT anticipates having the requisite housing drawings shortly and then they can move forward with the contract to begin supply the necessary equipment in Q4 2020. They will continue to give market updates as they move closer to ordering.
The UNOPS order is part of the Building of Social Green Housing Initiative implemented by the government of Ghana. It is a central part of the government’s solar program. One of the program’s main objectives is to prioritize governmental infrastructure.
John Gamble, CEO of EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies, mentioned how pleased that they are to move the project forward, as they realize that when working on projects abroad, they often take longer than planned. EnerDynamic has a good footing in Ghana to move forward with this project and other projects that are in the works. They plan on continuing to look for other opportunities in Ghana, as they may present themselves.
ENERTEC Modular Wall and Roof System consists of a foam core and proprietary skin, which are stronger and far more energy-efficient than the traditional steel and wood that are often used, providing the highest level of energy efficiency. EHT works with partners all over the world to build buildings on-site with EHT staff and local crews. Once the installation has been completed, each structure can be finished and furnished to meet the needs of the customer. The final wall product can be shipped on pallets and delivered through various channels, which include rail, boat or truck.
EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies uses proprietary, turn-key energy solutions that are intelligent, sustainable and bankable. EnerDynamic is involved in the conception of its ENERTEC module structures which features a full integration of energy-efficient solutions. Through its product, EHT offers great thermal energy efficiency for modular homes and residential buildings, as well as cold storage facilities, commercial buildings, and temporary and emergency shelters. They also use their EHT staff, along with local workers to erect the buildings. ENERTEC buildings function well where there are no electrical grids even though they also use traditional support to establish electrical networks.
Their partnership is continuing to grow and advance in the way that they conduct business worldwide.

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